GPS horizontal drift and disarm after arming

Hi Alexandre,

Btw, do you have experience in fusing odom pose from the stereo camera and gps ?

Hi Alexandre

By the way,

I have tried a survey pattern.

as you can see in the picture:


and here is the log file link:

I do have some observations:

  • The xy plot does not have the shape of the trajectory as it can be seen in the picture.

  • The GPS and noise jamming graph shows jamming more than 80 in the beginning of the graph.

Or, what do you think about the log :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Alexandre,

By the way,

  • I do have a 3DR GPS/COMPASS, the one that comes with the pixhawk mini.

  • I have tried to fuse vision + GPS and I have tried a mission planner, it simply computed a weird path and the drone crashed.

Well, I have sent you many replies, and dunno if you may have time to replay to all of them :slight_smile:! It suppose to go from point 2 to point 4

This is the log file.


For the flight review you can use the following:

For your issues, have you tried flying at another location to rule out specific jamming at this place?

sorry to hijack the thread, I have the exact same error.
GPS speed accuracy to low
The thing is arming, but no motor spin.
Please help
Here’s the log(download link)