Gimbal not moving with Typhoon_h480 in Gazebo

Hey guys,

I am using the Typhoon_h480 in gazebo with the attached gimbal. However, the gimbal is not moving. I tried it with the following piece of code:

void set_gimbal(float roll_, float pitch_, float yaw_)
  mavros_msgs::MountControl set_mount;
  set_mount.header.stamp = ros::Time::now();
  set_mount.mode = set_mount.MAV_MOUNT_MODE_MAVLINK_TARGETING;
  set_mount.roll = roll_;
  set_mount.pitch = pitch_ ;
  set_mount.yaw = yaw_ ;


Is that the right way to control the gimbal through mavlink/mavros? Is my code wrong or might it be the .sdf file of the typhoon?