Adding a gimbal to 1030_plane model in gazebo

Hi, I am working with adding a gimbal to the plane model in gazebo simulation of px4. According to the example of typhoon_h480, I created a copy of named in /Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d-posix. Then I added H480’s gimbal parts(cgo3’s links and plugins) to the plane’s sdf document. I can control the gimbal on H480 with ros message /mavros/mount_control/command but it doesn’t work on my own vehicle. Is there something I missed?

Hi, I can transplant typhoon’s gimbal to iris now, but it still doesn’t work with my custom fw model. After these steps, my gazebo simulation stucked because some unknown reasons. But after disabling the MNT_ MODE_IN parameter, my model works again.

I think maybe I found why my model stucked when start the gazebo simulation. I changed the parameter VEHICLE_TYPE from fw to mc and MAV_TYPE from 1 to 2(or other multicopter airframe). The gazebo simulation started normally without stucking. Although the motors didn’t work properly, the gimbal worked well. But I still don’t know what caused this problem. I am trying to find out the specific difference between fw and mc in px4 firmware’s source code about building px4_sitl_default.
Is there someone can tell me about where the code that may cause the stucking when launching gazebo simulation after enabling the MNT_MODE_IN parameter for my custom fixedwing models with typhoon’s gimbal part is?