Getting DShot ESC Temeletry in through mavlink/mavros

We’ve been trying to read DShot telemetry in through ROS however can’t we can’t seem to get PX4 to publish the mavlink message for mavros to read. The telemetry from the ESC is working (verified using dshot esc_info -m 1, updates are coming through via the uorb topic, and the information is being logged in the .ulg files) however I can’t get either the ESC_STATUS or ESC_INFO topics to stream via mavlink. I’ve tried all manner of permutations of mavlink stream -d /dev/ttyS1 -s ESC_STATUS -r 10 I can think of (for both the USB and telem1 ports), and can successfully change the rate of other messages such as HIGHRES_IMU. Any ideas of what I could be doing incorrectly?