ESC Telemetry with sync issues (DSHOT)

Hello all,

I’m using a T-Motor P60A V2 4-in-1 ESC with a Cube Orange FC. The ESC supports DSHOT2400, while the Cube Orange only supports DSHOT 1200.
Unfortunately, the ESC doesn’t come with a manual or any related information, but everything I read online so far points to the ESC also supporting DSHOT1200.

I’ve done my PX4 parameter configuration according to this page:

I can receive ESC_INFO and ESC_STATUS messages, but the frequency of the message oscillates a lot, between 0-10 Hz.

Additionally, running commands like dshot esc_info -m 2 doesn’t always show esc_info. Often, I get these two errors:
ERROR [dshot] Packet length mismatch (64 != 15)
ERROR [dshot] Checksum mismatch

, but when it works, I get the following:

nsh> dshot esc_info -m 2
INFO  [dshot] ESC Type: #Tmotor_FG0_01#                 
INFO  [dshot] MCU Serial Number: 86003c-000150-4b4b38-363020
INFO  [dshot] Firmware version: 32.90
INFO  [dshot] Rotation Direction: normal
INFO  [dshot] 3D Mode: off
INFO  [dshot] Low voltage Limit: off
INFO  [dshot] Current Limit: unsupported
INFO  [dshot] LED 0: off
INFO  [dshot] LED 1: unsupported
INFO  [dshot] LED 2: unsupported
INFO  [dshot] LED 3: unsupported

Do you have any idea what I can do to solve this issue?

Thank you!