DSHOT Pixhawk 4 setup not working

I am following the documentation on v1.10.0 to setup DSHOT 600 for my current setup. However, the signal traced from M1 on Power management still looks like a PWM to me.

Current setup:
I have the Radio, FMU, PM, RC, and ground station configured and working. I can arm move the throttle and monitor M1 changes on my scope.

DSHOT Setup:

  1. I used v1.10.0 tag and flashed to FMU.
  2. I modified DSHOT_CONFIG 600 3 ways:
  • Using rcS file prior to flashing
  • Using parameter function on ground station
  • Using an airframe mixer pair that predefined DSHOT CONFIG

In all 3 instances I can verify that DSHOT_CONFIG is showing the right value however the scope shows PWM and not DSHOT protocol.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have.

What is your ESC? I have the same issues, but you seem to be ahead of me. I am using Holybro Tekko32 ESCs and their PMB. Each ESC also has a “TX” telemetry pin on them. I am trying to use the Dshot setting on the “QGroundControl” Parameter setting, but the physical connection/port setting is not working on MavLink and the Pixhawk-4. Please let me know. Thanks.

Did you set SYS_USE_IO=0 and use AUX as if it was MAIN (as explained in DShot ESCs | PX4 User Guide. I use Pixhawk 4 with dshot1200 ESCs and it works great.

I have installed Ardupilot since and configured and connected to the AUX/FMU side on the PM07 Power board. I ran BLHELI32, but it skipps the motor#1. See below messages and what BlHeli32 shows now. I’ll check on the SYS_USE_IO=0 param as well. Thank you for your input.

12/29/2020 7:44:35 PM : EKF2 IMU0 initial yaw alignment complete
12/29/2020 7:44:33 PM : GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 115200 baud
12/29/2020 7:44:33 PM : Initialising APM
12/29/2020 7:44:32 PM : Barometer 1 calibration complete
12/29/2020 7:44:30 PM : Calibrating barometer
12/29/2020 7:38:14 PM : Frame: QUAD
12/29/2020 7:38:14 PM : RCOut: PWM:1-8 DS600:9-12 PWM:13-16
12/29/2020 7:38:14 PM : fmuv5 001D0039 34385119 39313933
12/29/2020 7:38:14 PM : ChibiOS: d4fce84e
12/29/2020 7:38:14 PM : ArduCopter V4.0.5 (3f6b43e3)