FunCubVTOL servos has no signal but puller motor has signal

Dear all,

I connected motors and servos with main port and aus port by this page
The transition switch doing well for fw mode and mc mode. During fw mode puller motor is rotating but servos has no signal.

Thank you for your help

What autopilot are you using? Pixhawk didn’t power servo rail from internal power source , you have to connect 5V to main output rail.

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It is also possible that the bec on your pusher esc is broken

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Thank you so much David_Kraus. I figure out it!

I separated signal cable and power cables (+&-).
Then I just connect the signal cable to aux output rail and connect the power cables to receiver for getting power.

Do NOT power any servos from the receiver if it is powered from the RCIN port.

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I do not know how to type you can not understand, you need to add a steering gear BEC 5V PIX of the steering engine output is not 5V, so you have to add one, and then you try it again.