Main 5 PWM output, no signal

I am setting up a VTOL (VTOL Duo Tailsitter). Motors are connected to Main 1 and 2 ports, elevons servos are connected to Main 5 and 6 ports, according to the Users’ Guide.
The vehicle can be armed, and two motors and one elevon servo (Main 6) can be controlled. One elevon servo (Main 5) didn’t have any response. I checked it by signal analyzer and found that there was not PWM signal. Does that mean the board is broken? I am considering to change the port to some AUX PWM output, but I don’t know how to do that. Thank you in advance for your help.

hello …switch over over servo 6 and servo 5 to finalize is it the aux out put or servo …what fc you are you are using and if there is extra aux output you can use 7 or 8 …to check the out signal you can use multimeter

I am using Pixhawk 2.4.8 (Pixhawk 1), and using the latest firmware. It has 8 main ports. I checked the signals and found that main ports 7 and 8 also didn’t have PWM signals. Sorry that I cannot understand the meaning of “switch over servo 6 and servo 5 to finalize”.

hello…switch over means take servo 5 connect at aux 6 and servo 6 connect at aux 5 …no out put 7 & 8 means that you aux i not activated in parameter list

Thank you Danial8685. Switch over servo 5 and servo 6 didn’t solve the problem. Finally Main 5 port was recovered after I performed some PWM test via MAVLink console. I don’t know the exactly reason why the port could be recovered. It was amazing.

this means you update software have some error and bug