Issue with PX4 Mission on Rover

I’m having an issue when running missions on a rover using the Pixhawk 4. I set up a basic misssion with 4 waypoints, however when the mission starts all that happens is the rover turns to point directly at the first waypoint, then simply sits still. I think the issue is that it is trying to change its altitude to be at the same height as the next waypoint before moving to get there, however since it is a rover there is no way for it to change its altitude. Is there any way to circumvent this issue, or is it some other issue entirely? Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

Can you upload a log to please and paste the link here?

It says that I have an invalid file, not sure why. Could it be because it’s a .tlog file?

@Jacob_McCauley Is there any chance that you are running ardupilot and not px4?

I don’t think so, I made sure to install the PX4 firmware, the one that allows me to select airframes in the tab in QGroundControl.

The log file would be on the SD card in the flight controller.

Ah, so the telemetry logs won’t work?

We tend not to use them unless for the worst case where we don’t have the vehicle logs.

Ah, I see. Unfortunatley I can’t access the Pixhawk right now, and won’t be able to until I go back to work after new years. Do you have any suggestions without seeing the logs?

No, I don’t know. The only thing I can think of is that the acceptance radius of the items was too big and it reached all waypoints when it reached the first one.

That’s an interesting idea actually, how do I change the acceptance radius?