Mission mode aborted

My Duo Tailsitter VTOL (PX4, FW 1.10.2) flies perfectly, both in manual and mission mode but it randomly leaves mission mode and enters manual mode by mistake. The mission can be continued in QGC maually. What could be the reason for this? The system didn’t give me any information. Thanks!

If you don’t provide a log, I don’t think anyone will know what happened…
Personally, I am not interested in researching what went wrong on v1.10.2, sorry.
But if you provide logs, I might look at :grinning:

The logfile is almost 600MB so I uploaded it to a server for download here:

Please note it will be deleted in 7 days. Thanks a lot for your offer to look at the details of the logfile! I will flash V1.11 for the next flights and let you know if the issue persists.