Flight Modes Blank in QGroundControl

Hello all,

I am having a strange issue where my flight modes are blank in QGroundControl and I am unable to populate them. On an old laptop, I was able to set different flight modes for my PX4 drone including position control, offboard mode, etc. For some reason I can’t do any of this on my new laptop. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled QGroundControl twice to no avail. I’ve attached a relevant screenshot. Anyone experienced similar issues?

Try installing newer firmware or maybe the firmware version you were using on an old laptop.

You can always change mode with parameters, COM_FLTMODE2 and so one. Try using it. Flip the channel six on RC and check whether a mode is changing or not.

You didn’t specify what OS you did have on your old laptop.
Appears based on your screenshot you are currently using a flavour of Linux?

Flipping my channel 6 switch does indeed cause flight modes to alternate between manual, position, and offboard flight modes, though I am having a hard time altering these flight modes without the GUI working. Is COM_FLTMODE2 a QGroundControl feature or is that part of a command I should use in the terminal?

Thanks for the help.

I believe both Laptops are using the same version of Linux, Ubuntu 20.04. That’s a good thing to be double-sure of so I will reach out and check with the old laptop’s user.

No, the parameter tab in QGC. you can alter all these parameters in QGC’s vehicle setup → parameters