First Flight test with PX4

Hello Dear Community.

I have followed the instructions to set up the px4 before flying.
When I went out to test the quadcopter, I saw that the quad is not hovering in its place but is slowly moving to the right side and then I want to place the drone 2 meters above the ground but it is not possible, when I move the joystick to take off I have to move the joystick until it is 50% and then the drone can only take off and when the drone takes off it goes up very fast more than 3 meters, so I move the joystick a little to lower the drone and the drone goes down very fast and sometimes it hits the ground.

You’ll need to provide more detail about your build, i.e. frame type, motor make and model, props, battery, total weight, etc.

In the meantime, have you tried calibrating each ESC directly with the Rx so it learns your radio system’s end points?

Good luck.

Yep, I have the same problem with you, bro.Do you fix it?

Thanks for your reply.
I have:
Tarot 650 Ironman.
Tarot motor 4006/620kv
Tarot propellers 1355
Battery 14.8v/5500mah
AWU 2 kilos

When you said about ESC calibration with the radio, what do you mean? Cause I calibrated using Qgroundcontrol…

I’ve watched a video on YouTube about calibration and it’s seems to be a good option but suddenly before test the drone one of my motors burned…
Here is the video

Watch this.

Good luck.