Pixhawk 4 and Tarot 650 Calibration and first test

Good day dear community!

I want to share with you what I am doing these days.
I bought the frame Tarot 650, Pixhawk 4, Tarot 4006 motor, 30A ESC, and battery of 5200mah 14.8v.
I have already uploaded the latest firmware to the Pixhaw by using QGorund Control (Px4)

The AUW(all up weight) is 2.3 kg including the battery and one Onboard computer.
I have followed step by step the PX4 tutorial to calibrate the Pixhaw4 (Px4 Tutorial)
After the pixhawk calibration, I went flying the Tarot drone and I noticed these problems, When the take-off stick is at 50% the drone still does not take off, when it is at approximately 70% the drone takes off but at low altitude, and then an engine starts to fail or the flight is not stable. Also when the drone starts to take off, I have it in a very strange way because the back part starts to take flight (it seems that the rear engines receive more power) and then the forward engines, then the takeoff sometimes makes the drone falls forward or sometimes backward.

Is there a possibility to contact some of you guys and have a video call or something to be able to fly the drone?

Please contact me at alberto18_90@outlook.com

I recommend you do each ESC calibration directly with the Rx first ro make sure each one is calibrated ro your system’s end points.

What make and model receiver are you using?

Good luck.

Hi @rollys thanks.
How can I calibrate the ESC independently.
I was using Microzone MC6C 2.4GHZ 6CH.

Here’s a typical procedure. Check your ESC manual to confirm.

Good luck.

Hi @rollys
I’ve watched the video… The problem is my ESC are already soldered to the power distribution board, and as you know the power distribution board of the PX4 only need one pin from the ESC so I’ve cut it already the two others… The Tarot 650 I have is already built… Do you have any other advise?