Dshot X8 on Pixhawk 4 mini Help

I’m trying to configure my X8 for Dshot so I can reverse the motor direction. I’ve heard that Main Out 7 and 8 pins do not support Dshot so I have motors 7 & 8 on CAP pins 2 and 1 respectively.

I have already assigned Servo 9 and 10 for function 39(motor 7) and 40(motor 8) as well as setting the Dshot rate to 150 (although my ESCs support 1200) when I test spin the motors, motor 7 and motor 8 do not spin.

On a slightly separate note, I couldn’t get BLHeliSuite32 to connect through the USB port and I’m not sure how to access the MAVLink console.

From your parameters it looks like you’re using ArduPilot. Best place for help with ArduPilot is discuss.Ardupilot.org

ah, sorry about that, ill move this over there