Using dshot while having a connected parachute using servo_9

I just ordered some new esc’s and motors. I’ve been running the same esc’s and motors since my apm 2.6 days :grin:. I believe I had a desync issue the other day, quad fell from m 300’ but the Pixhawk did exactly what it was supposed to and deployed the parachute and my quad is still alive. So my new esc’s have the dshot capablitlity running blheli-32. I understand you cannot use the standard pwm ports and you.must use the aux out ports. But my question is this, I have my chute enabled on servo_9 . The copter website says the escs need to be in aul ports (servo_9 through servo_12). The website also says if more than four ports are needed you can set it to 6 ports. Can I leave my chute on servo_9 and start my four motors on servo_10 and set to 6?

It sounds like you’re using ArduPilot.
It’s better to ask on their forum ( for help setting up their firmware.

I guess I’m a little confused…I’m in the Pixhawk forum am I not in the right section ? I didn’t even know there were different firmwares for these boards other than the ones offered through mission.planner, I’ve been flying these boards for almost 10 years