Drone Would Not Respond To Any Controls Or RTL initations

I have been flying the v1.8.2 for a couple of years, but due to new features I need to use the most previous firmware. I tried 1.10.1 out for the first time today. Controls were sound and the flight was great. (I have about an hour of flights on this craft). I was doing speed an control runs, and after a momentary hover, the quad became unresponsive. I am using a companion computer, but the low battery failsafe set through PX4 never initiated either.

Looking at the logs I see a couple of things wrong:
The top speed was shown as 189.7km/h, which is more than twice the speed I achieved.
The log error: [load_mon] wq SPI4 low on stack (260bytes left)
Multiple Flags regarding MC_POS_CONTROL

Everything seems to point toward the MC_POS_CONTROL flags, but it is my first time seeing this.


Any and all help would be appreciated.


I have flown 1.10 a few more times. I successfully flew with a Here3 using CAN protocol. The same actions above happened. I originally thought, maybe the GPS was getting jammed and caused the flight controller to lose its current lat/long keeping an RTL from happening, but looking at the logs, the GPS had no jamming indications when going through CAN.

The same mc_pos_control flags were thrown at two times:

  1. When swapping over to offboard mode
  2. When the backup battery failsafe was issued by PX4.

The backup battery failsafe still did not issue, however was followed by the warnings:
[mc_pos_control] Position-Control Setpoint-Update failed
[mc_pos_control] Altitude-Control Setpoint-Update failed

and when it was supposed to land immediately:
[mc_pos_control] Position-Control Setpoint-Update failed
[mc_pos_control] Failsafe: stop and wait

I should mention we are using MAVSDK and a companion computer.

Log: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=e415ba73-ce23-421c-a41e-f973ba340ad4

Is offboard effecting the RTL? If so why?

Why are these mc_pos_control warnings happening? I’ve looked through the function and cannot find anything out of the ordinary.

Also, PX4 issued failsafes used to take over any offboard controls. Why is this not the case anymore?