Landing Bounce in Auto and Position Mode

I have a Quadcopter is a 4kg / 16 inch prop [Frame Size: 640mm and generic model] [Hardware : Pixhawk4 / Firmware: 1.11.3 ]. When I try to land in Auto and Position, Quad is bouncing one time and after landing completed. Which parameters should I change to solve this issue. Is there a problem with the rate controller [Set Point is twitchy].Thanks for supports.

Flight Logs Here


This is the Hover Flight Test Log Data. Do you think the problem is caused by vibration?

@mehmetydz87 can you please open access to the video link you shared? something like “anyone with the link can view” would be enough.

Sorry I changed the shared options o f video.

I think this problem is caused by vibration. I made changes to the Pixhawk mechanical connection. I removed vibration damper plate and used the 3M Foam Pad & Frame Vibration Damper Plate [FOXTECH HOVER 1 Frame with T-Motor U5 frame]. I made tests on my test system. I did not see this problem on my flight today, as the vibration has decreased [let’s say better] and after recalibrating the Rate Controller [Parallel Form Used].

This is probably the incresed pressure due to propeller air flow hitting the ground.
See this for how to tune the ekf to reject it:

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