Custom mavlink message from mavros to GCS

Hi Guys,

I am using px4, pixhawk interfaced with ROS kinetic and mavros on RPI3. I need to send a custom mavlink message from mavros to ground control software (QGC). The only communication link I have is a telemetry connected to TELEM1 port on the pixhawk.

Can I route my message from mavros <–> pixhawk <–>telemetry <–> QGC?. Please help.

Hi @Abhishek_Aggarwal,
Is it possible to send a custom mavlink message from companion computer (MAVROS for example) to ground control?
I also want to catch mavlink messages sent from the ground control in the companion computer and then decide to route the messages to the FCU if necessary.
Do you know how to do it?

Did someone found a solution for that? I am very interested in doing it too

Yes. There is a solution for that. We made it work flawlessly back then.

Hey @Abhishek_Aggarwal,

Maybe you can help me. I am using a companion computer connected to tele 2. I want to send e.g. a string (for debugging purposes) to QGC. Do you know how this is possible and where in QGC would I see the message.