QGC Real Time Telemetry Data Logs


I am new to PX4 and QGC and am trying to get the telemetry data that is being radio’d to QGC out of QGC in real time (as QGC/MavLinkInspector receive it).

I’d like to be able to export the telemetry data as its being received during flights to another application (web/cloud, etc), but I’m not sure exactly how/where to implement this feature into QGC.

My initial idea is to customize a QGC build and use the features supporting MavLink 2.0 Logging / MavLink Inspector and the Telemetry Log features to send out the telemetry data as its received through the normal Inspector process.

Any insight into this type of problem and its solution and where to start would be much appreciated, thank you!

Edit: made post more concise. Also open to different ways of accomplishing this as I am still new to the code. Would love to hear any experience with exporting the mavlink data from the telemetry radio out of qgc in real time.

Did you ever find a solution? I have a similar requirement now.

hello, there i have been working for the same thing from 1 year. but only way i could figure out to solve this issue is my using mavlink router module which helps you to listen to the port connected to drone in PC and routering it to two different TCP or UDP ports where one you can use for your GCS and other for the application where you can build to decrypt and stream data in realtime