Is it possible to extract telemetry from QGroundControl in real time?

I would like to use QGroundControl with Rosetta Drone to get streams and telemetry (Location, gyro angles etc) and send them to my server in real time .
I know, that, I could see these data with MAVLink Inspector.
Is it possible to somehow extract these data in real time? Maybe this app could be used as a MAVLink relay?

What I want to achieve:
DJI DroneRosetta appQGroundControlmy own, custom app

I am new to dealing with, so I may miss something.

I use a library for python (i think theres’s one similar in C) called pymavlink. The library cathces the MavLink messeges between QGC and your drone. I use a PX4, but should be the same for your drone. To use this library you have to enable in your QGC something called MavLink Fowarding.

I read about something called MAVSK, i haven’t used it yet . Maybe is better this one idk.

Hope this was usefull

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Thank you this is exactly what I needed
I only needed to check where to turn it on MAVLink · QGroundControl User Guide

And to write simple test script:

from pymavlink import mavutil

# Set up connection to vehicle
master = mavutil.mavlink_connection('udp:localhost:14550')

# Wait for the heartbeat message to ensure connection

# Get list of available MAVLink messages
msg_names = master.messages.keys()

# Print out list of available messages
print("Available MAVLink messages:")
for name in msg_names:
    print("- {}".format(name))