How to send a mavlink command from ground station?

I am running PX4 and was wondering if there are pre-built tools for sending any given mavlink message to the aircraft. I was hoping it could be done through the QGC mavlink console, but I’m not finding anything that indicates that.

I’m getting the drift that I would have to script something up to do this. If that’s the case, what is an easy and generic package for doing this. By generic, I mean I would be able to send any message in the library. Thanks!

As the author and co-maintainer of MAVSDK, that’s what I usually suggest.

You can send any command, but only in the C++ version which has the MavlinkPassthrough plugin:

Great, thanks for the info. I did also find mavproxy which seems to work sending command line commands. I haven’t tested it extensively. I was actually trying to get QGC to forward mavlink to mavproxy (or vice versa) but am having some trouble there. I tried a number of different methods, but I couldn’t get it to work. I did confirm that I can forward from one instance of mavproxy to another, so I’m doing something wrong with QGC. I did confirm that I can set up QGC to read UDP, since I am connecting to the SITL. Anyways, this is a different topic altogether.