Connect MAVSDK-Python with PX4 Gasebo Sim


I’m trying to connect MAVSDK-Python with PX4 Gasebo Sim. I’m trying to do a simple simulation of taking off, making a square in the air and landing. Unfortunately, I suspended on the attempt to connect the SDK with Gazebo. Do somebody can tell me how do this or have seaved website with tutorial about it.
I thanks in advance. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.03 VM in VirtualBox.

P.S. I am noob in drones so I am asking for your understanding.

Somehow I found a solution without help. The connection was already inside the example files, the problem was running gazebo the wrong way. I solved this by running a gazebo under MAVROS and running scripts on another terminal.

Now I have another question, is there a way to use MAVSDK-Python to allow a simple flight of 3 drones simultaneously? I mean a flight in the style of take-off, making a square in the air and landing back in the same place.