Multi-vehicle simulation with Gazebo garden,without ROS

Hello, I am a beginner and currently want to implement a multi-drone simulation through Gazebo garden.

I am currently using PX4 v1.14. I learned that the \PX4-Autopilot\Tools\simulation\gazebo-classic directory has a

But I can’t run it, I guess it’s a version issue with Gazebo?

Which docs are you following? And what’s the error?

Thank you for your reply. Now my error has been solved. That .sh file is not working with Gazebo garden. My goal is to simulate as many drones as possible (e.g. 100), is there any way to generate multiple drones from one terminal? (I’m a beginner.)

are you following this documentation
Multi-Vehicle Simulation with Gazebo

Yes, I followed the instructions in this document to manually add drones. But for a large number of drones, such an approach should not be realistic.

You can use vehicle gateway to create a config file. I’m wondering if the drone’s local position topic is accurate when you turn on a second or more drones.