Configuring pixhawk 4 from Qground station

Hi veryone, I finally finished assembly my last drone and now I’m on the firmware configuration stage. My drone has the following characteristics:
Frame: Tarot 680pro
FC: pixhawk 4
Motors: 6 Arris 4010 pro
Esc: 6 spedix 30a
Gps: pixhawk 4 module
Battery: lipo 6s 25c
Transmitter: Radiolink AT10II
Receiver: Radiolink R12DS
So my questions are:

  1. How do i suppose to configure the sensors, compass, barometer, etc when the FC is mounted on the drone and is connected to computer via usb? This issue arises because in order to do such calibration i have to move the vehicle in certain positions. Since its a large drone is gonna be very difficulty to move the drone around while connected not to mention, i’d need a long usb cable to try to do that.

  2. What’s the proper proceedure to configure the gps module? What i understand,in the pixhawk documentation just say that i need to connect it to FC and calibrate from Qground control. However in ground control the gps appears as “0” while the gps module has a red light blinking. What does it mean?

These 2 are the most important questions in order to move on.
Thanks for you help

Well you are going to need and RF telemetry link anyway, so that will solve the USB cable problem. You must calibrate on the drone as part of the calibration is to subtract out the iron in the drone.
Are you inside? GPS may not lock inside.

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Hi, I’m in my bedroom where I have my pc. I’ll check about the telemetry link for my drone.
Thanks for replying.