Some advice for beginner

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if I am in the right category.
I’m a beginner and I’m looking to buy a pixhawk 4, I have to set up a test bench and I would ask what I need to start my project.
I need to connect a RADIO LoRa B-L072Z-LRWAN1 into pixhawk, it is possible to use pixhawk without a complete airframe?
I would like to send the telemetry by means LoRa and MAVSDK OR MAVLink. PX4 allow me this kind of usage?

Briefly, I have to buy:

  • PixHawk4

  • B-L072Z-LRWAN1

  • GPS

  • IMU is integrated on pixhawk?

Have I to integrate something on PX4 Autopilot?

Thank you for the answer.

Yes, that should be possible.


What sort of interface does your LoRa device have? Is it just serial? If so you could connect it to Telem 1 or Telem 2 and configure the serial port to use rates which work with LoRa. I’m assuming you have to lower the rates a bit.

Thanks to the answer.
yes, the interface wich my device has, is just serial. Can i configure right through QGC ?

Once I have configure the port, how can i send the telemetry from pixhawk to LoRa device? Do I need to write an appplication and build in the PX4? Can I use MAVSDK to send telemetry through the serial port?


If the LoRa device just forwards serial, then it should “just” work. And then on the other side you need to parse that mavlink stream somehow to get the information that you need out of it. You could for instance do that using MAVSDK.

I have some other questions. I made some test on SITL where I’m capable to send/receive messages through a bridge Serial/UDP from the simulator to LoRa device and vice versa. I would move on to a real environment, at this point I have:

PixHawk 2.4.8

stm32 Lora Device

GPS/Compass u-blox M8N

I already linked the stm32 to pixhawk through telem1 port, the configuration which I made is:
SER_TEL1_BAUD: 115200 8N1
But I can’t read messages on stm32 device yet. I don’t know why.

For GPS I just plug in the port.

Can I use the HITL and see data from GPS on QGC?
Can I receive the packet on STM32 LoRa linked directly on the pixhawk or have I to connect the stm32 device to PC to receive data from pixhawk?

From STM32 lora device have I to send a heartbeat message to receive data from PixHawk?
If yes, whit which parameters have I to fill the message heartbeat?

If the pixhawk is connected to the pc it is possible to read mavlink message on stm32 linked to the pixhawk or have I to disconnect from pc the pixhawk?

I made a lot of questions, hope you can answer me.

Thank you very much

Quadcopter with Pixhawk 2.4.8 and companion computer Raspberrypi 3+ does not start. Error message from QGroundcontrol: Critical: Power redundancy not met: 0 instead of 1

Questions: 1. What causes this error message? 2. Where is the source code for generating this error message? I searched the source code of both Qgroundcontrol and the source code of firmware and couldn’t find it.