RTK Pixhawk4 setup

Hello everyone.
I have a question about my setup of an RTK module.
When I connect the rover to my Pixhawk 4 and the base to my PC with QgroundControl installed I see on the PC (in the QgroundControl) an “RTK” icon in red that after a few minutes becomes white and RTK broadcasting begins.
Everything would work but the icon with a satellite described in the pixhawk guide (https://docs.px4.io/en/gps_compass/rtk_gps.html) I do not see it. I only see the RTK icon in white. It’s normal? Does everything work even if this detail is different from the description?
Thank’s to all for reply

I’m going to mention @bkueng here, maybe he can help.

Everything looks fine, the QGC UI changed a bit meanwhile.

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Thank’s @JulianOes and @bkueng!
From further tests done everything seems to actually work.
But in my GPS STATUS window I don’t see the horizontal accuracy which is very important.
Is there a way to get it displayed?
Or is there a way to query the Pixhawk 4 in real time?
So you can see the actual accuracy data?
Thank you all for the support.

You can use gps status on the shell and it will print the full details.

Hi @bkueng thank’s for your reply.
Hi attach print screen of GPS status but i not see information about accuracy…

am I wrong anything?

Very thank’s to all

It’s eph (horizontal accuracy in m) and epv (vertical).

Very thank’s friend!

@Sicildroni just a question please,
Did you use the GPS RTK Here+ with your Pixhawk4
In this case, did you just change the cable with removing pin 6, 7, 8 and 9?
Your help will be really appreciated

Hi friend,
i do not use Here+…
Sorry :frowning:

thank you for the response
and what did you use as a GPS RTK?

i’m a SimpleRTK2b module.

Thank you for your response

Hi, since you are using SimpleRTK2b module I had to ask. Is that the one with the U-blox F9P?
From the documentation on PX4 I see that PX4 supports the u-blox M8P and the Trimble MB-Two GPS and products that incorporate it. As well as the following RTK devices:

  • Drotek XL RTK GPS
  • Here+ RTK GPS
  • Trimble MB-Two
    I would like to ask if the SimpleRTK2b was easy to connect to Pixhawk for example, and were any software modifications required or was it more like “plug and play”?

Absolutely “plug and play” whit my pixhawk 4

Thanks for the fast replay.
I would be very thankful if you could share a little bit about your setup.
I’ve read, that U-blox f9p module itself supports Bluetooth and Wifi, but I understand that simpleRTK2B has kits with long range transmitters/receivers. Did you use any of those for the communication between simpleRTK2B boards? Or did you just connect one to QGroundControl through USB and another to Pixhawk 4 GPS port and let the QGroundControl and Pixhawk 4 do the GPS correction data forwarding?
What kind of telemetry link are you using between QGroundControl and Pixhawk? (Wifi or other)

Hi friend,
i use connection telemetry 433mhz of QGroundControl.
Long range kit isn’t needed.