Complex Mix for paramotors like in this link

Hello , I would like to have a mix like this done in px4 .

Is it possible do to the same kind of thinks but without the accelerators ?

Thank a lot.

Looks like a question for @junwoo0914 :slight_smile:

You can read about the actuator configuration in this blog post!

Let me know how it goes :smiling_face:

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thank you for your help and thanks for your work on paramotors ! i have tried this parameter but is not doing the mix corectly for me, for the roll the 2 servo works together :frowning: , i wanrt only one servo moving when i move the stick right or left.
Also i use servo “treuil” with a pouley , and they work on 4 turn , but with my pouley i only need 2 turn for the full course.

So my servo will have 0 to 1 position insteed off -1 to 1 and will moove only 2 turns with this, or 1500 to 2000 in pwm insteed off 1000 to 2000, also the neutral position is when there is no brake so , i have to make an offset ?

When i brake for exemple at 70 the 2 lines and if i want to turn right, i want first the right arm go down and when it’s a its maximumum position the left arm goes up.

Like in the video on you tube

Did you manage to make it work?
@junwoo0914 I couldn’t understand from your project if roll left causes only the left servo to move, and roll right causes only the right servo to move. If so, can you please explain how did you make it work?