How to control a multi copter using servos

Hi, i’m in a new project, this is to control a multi copter using 4 servos, this means that i want to control each yaw, roll, and pitch movements with my RC controller, but using servos, i’m new in this, so it will be great if some of you could help by telling me how could i get there, i mean i have an idea that i have to change some mixing or driver files but i’m still very new at all this.
The Stingray multicopter it’s somehow what i want to do.

@Gesem_Gudino_Mejia, here’s some general mixing info My first thought is that you should do this via the regular multicopter mixers which are generated here

Then you’ll have the motor that’s thrust only, and mix the servos together just like mulitcopter motors. The only missing piece is the appropriate servo range and negative thrust.

Thinking about this a little more, how would you actually use throttle in flight? Is it nearly constant?

There was someone working on this last summer, but he hasn’t posted in a while: