Compass Sensor Inconsistend

I get this error when I make an arm. Compass Sensor Incosident. How do I fix this error? I keep getting the same mistake. I couldn’t find a solution. Pixhawk 2.1 and Here + GNSS GPS

What’s your firmware version? Have you done the compass calibration?

We are using PX4 Pro and airframe is fixed plane (standard plane) and we have done all the calibration. Again and again. But the problem still exist.

Which version of PX4?

Our firmware version is 1.9.2

Ok, and you do the arming and calibration away from magnetic disturbance?
And you don’t by chance have some sort of magnets in the airframe, e.g. to close the plane?

I also suggest to set the param SDLOG_MODE to 1 to get a log starting at boot with an arming try and post it to and share the link here.

You are right. But I can’t arm. So I can’t starting log.

Cevheri, setting SDLOG_MODE to 1, like Julian suggested, will start logging on boot of the flight controller, so it will log the act of you trying to arm, potentially giving insight as to why it will not arm.