Pixhawk 4 preflight gps horizontal pos error too high

Hello i just finish installing my new pixhawk 4 with frame F550 error when arming “Preflight: GPS horizontal pos error too high”
Some help will be great …tq

Hi @Danial8685,
This means that the GPS receiver does not have a good connection to the satellites. It could be due to a bad placement of the antenna or something on the drone jamming the receiver.
Could you share a picture of your setup? And maybe a log file (from boot).

hello friend thank you for your reply …13 sat appear osd screen friend

It means that you receive data from 13 satellites, not that the connection is great.

hello sorry for the delay here is the setup …

That’s strange, because the GPS placement isn’t bad at all. Was the vehicle maybe close to some buildings where the satellite signals could be disturbed?

If you want more help, you will need to share a log file of the issue. To get a log file without arming, you can set SDLOG_MODE to “From boot until disarm”.


I also always get the message. Where can I see the height he measures.

When I go outside I also have more satellites.

how about the resolution ? take out the door?