Compass Sensor 0 missing - Pixhawk 2.4.8

Hi, I’m new to this and I can’t get my pixhawk 2.4.8 to work. I am building a flying wing, when I install the PX4 Pro Stable Release v1.14.0 firmware I cannot arm the UAV because it gives me the message “Compass Sensor 0 missing”. Even though I have two magnetometers, the internal one, and another external one with the GPS (M8N connected to I2C) and it also shows me the orientation correctly in the QGroundControl. When I install another firmware, for example ArduPilot ChibiOS Plane, it detects both magnetometers without a problem. But there I have a problem with the aileron and engine command, more directly it shows me 8 engines (since I installed the plane version) and it returns an error when trying to execute engine test commands (MAV CMD DO MOTOR TEST).
I tried disconnecting the GPS from the I2C in case there was a conflict with the internal magnetometer, but it didn’t work either.