Pixhawk mini mag sensor fail

I get mag sensor fail whenever I calibrate compass and I fail the calibration. This is my first time with this I have no idea what is going on. Can anyone help me?

Try calibrating the Gyro first, then Accelerometer then Compass.

Good luck.

I get “no mag sensor 0” everytime on all of them. Could it be a faulty unit?

edit: I just tried the developer firmware and got through compass without the fail message but it still shows as red, accell and gyro is green

  • What airframe have you chosen?
  • Are you calibrating the Pixhawk by itself with no other peripherals attached to it except the USB cable?
  • If yes, I’m assuming that’s where you’re getting the sensor error?
  • Do you have a GPS with a built-in compass?
  • If you do, are you calibrating it connected and attached to the Pixhawk in the same orientation?
  • I think Mag sensor 0 is related to that.

Airframe: team blacksheep discovery

Its mounted on frame with gps, esc and reciever connected.

Gps and pixhawk is in same direction

Try unplugging the cables of the GPS from the I2C port and GPS ports then plug back in to re-seat them then try calibration again.

Good luck.

Nothing. I think I will try to return this one. I did found a thread with similar issue. And the say to calibrate magnometer with usb disconnected but I don’t know how I could do that