Compass Inconsistent, unable to arms

I have had some issues trying to arm my Pixhawk drone after setup in QGroundControl…

After calibrating everything, it says that “Compass inconsistent by 140 degrees” (the angle varies from 130 to 150 degrees). I am not able to arm my drone and fly it.

I’ve tried recalibration, moving away from metals, as well as use telemetry to calibrate my sensors. However, nothing seems to work. Also, a couple months ago, I was able to sucessfully arm my drone on a different computer (also Mac) and same drone.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Which PX4 version is that? And what hardware?

I am using the Pixhawk 2.4.8, and the firmware version is 1.14.0

Right, unfortunately - as far as I’m aware - Pixhawk 2.4.8 refers to some random Pixhawk clone, and so it’s not always clear what sensors are built in and in what rotation.

I would also suggest an external compass that comes with most GPS to avoid electromagnetic interference.

Ok, I see. Would you then recommend buying a different Pixhawk flight controller? Also, could you provide the links to some external compasses? Thank you!

I can recommend any Pixhawk by Holybro or Cube Orange(+) from Cubepilot.

For an external compass, most GPS modules have that included these days, just check the specs.