Compass calibration

Hi Everyone,

I am getting an issue with compass calibration.Though the calibration gets completed but a warning sign pops up stating “Mag 1 with large offsets”.

I am able to arm my drone but when I try to takeoff it is moving around on the ground itself.

Also Pixhawk is flashing the LED with Blue and Green at the same time.

Pls help me to fix this issue.

I’m using Pixhawk 2.4.8 flight Controller and QGroundControl software.

Is that with latest PX4 stable, so v1.14?

Sorry,didn’t get you.

What firmware are you using? PX4 or ArduPilot?

Hi Julian ,

I am using PX4

Is it that the payload of the drone is causing an issue and i need to to get a battery with higher power? Currently I am using Lipo 3s 2200maH battery.

Also i am not able to test my motors directly from QGroundControl, But its working fine with the transmitter.

Hard to say without seeing a picture or a log (uploaded to, best taken from boot (SDLOG_MODE).