Problem for gps orientation adjustment

Hi, I have a quadcopter on which I have mounted a pixhawk 2 cube and a gps Here.

The firmware I use is the latest stable version 1.8.2

Due to size problems on board the drone I had to mount the pixhawk turned 180° (yaw_180°) the gps here if it goes mounted correctly with the arrow forward of the drone’s nose.

My problem comes with the compasses, the orientation of the pixhawk is correct, since the artificial horizon moves correctly and the equipment flies in flight modes that do not need gps.

My problems come when I set the flight mode Position, the drone begins to make a circular path, easily recognizable from the equipment with the compass incorrectly adjusted.

The drone calibrates the compass well but does not fly well.

In the list of parameters I see that Px4 recognizes 3 compasses




Which appear all selected as internal, which is wrong, my surprise is that when I try to change those compass parameters none of them have effect, every time I start the drone those values return to their default settings.

Any idea what happens here? Is it normal that px4 does not allow to change the orientation of the external compass?


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Did u solve the problem?.?