Compass Calibration warning

Hello dear community.
Recently, I am facing an issue with my pixhawk4. I started the calibration of the compass and I got this warning message: warning mag 0 with large offset
I need to mention that I did not modify anything in the drone. Even though I updated the firmware of the pixhawk to see if the problem is solved but still I get that warning.

PX4 1.12.3

Good day,
just perform the calibration of the compass in an open area and far feom every metal source.
Place the gps module with compass in a good high stand and far from every antennas

Compare what happens with the FC alone connected with an USB cable to the PC and calibrating its compass (compass chip should be supplied). If using an additional compass on the GPS, fix it to the FC with velcro or double sided tape with same orientation as in drone, connect it to the FC (at least the I2C (compass) wires), check if it is supplied through USB, and calibrate both compasses.