Pixhawk Compass Calibration Problem

Dear All I am new to pixhawk

When I calibrating the external compass there is a massage " new offset for compass 31 are 59-101-48 this have been saved for you’… so at this time there are pending white blocks are remaining so please advice to wipe out all white blocks cutting by red blocks without the message

Note I Already unticked the automatically learn the offset check box

Thanks in advance

It sounds like you’re using Arducopter and now PX4. Ardupilot forums are here - http://discuss.ardupilot.org/

No I am using Pixhawk

pixhwak is a hardware papito, you have ardupilot firmware in it.

Orrrr Yes … Is there any other firmware to update ?

Download qgroundcontrol go to setup/firmware. You can install px4 from there

Dear dinthpark

Is qgroundcontro originally design for pixhhawk?