Command a buzzer via IO port on PX4 mini

Hi gentleman, i would like know if it is possible command (on-off) an external buzzer (i.e. Viìfly 2) via servo port (i.e n°5) as a landing gear (up and down) for a fixed wing?

What’s the interface to the external buzzer? PWM or the frequency to make it buzz?

Dear Julian , it can be connected as pwm . Take a look at the picture.


In that case it should be possible. I’m not sure if I would use the landing gear functionality or just use Aux 1 or Aux 2, they are usually forwarded in the mixer for such things.


This shoukd be perfect! Can you kindly explane me the procedure to correctly execute it via aux or other free servo channel? For example, if i’ll connect to free main connection of px4 mini (i.e. n°5) , how can i set it via Qgc for buzzer activation?

Which model are you using? What is your param SYS_AUTOSTART?

Hi Julian, model is a quadcopter setted as dji fw450. the sys_autostart parameter is 4001


Can you configure Aux 1/2 in the actuators tab in QGC?

Dear julian, seems that i have not tab related actuators!

How can i activete it?

Please take a look below:

@bkueng any tips how to use Aux with 4001 on v1.13?

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The quad_x mixer sets AUX1 Passthrough on output 5. So you can assign an RC switch to AUX1 to test and use it.

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@JulianOes and @bkueng , many thaks for the effort.
So i have to act, in my case via “Radio (Remote Control) Setup” tab. I will try and i will share the results.

But now a new question is: if i update my quad firmware at last stable release (v1.13.3) , in QGC, the actuators tab will be implemented?

Not yet on 1.13, but you’re welcome to test 1.14, which is in the process of being released, and has the actuators by default.