Trying to operate simple servo px4 qgc

I’m currently trying to connect a servo to test PWM output on AUX1 and nothing seems to work to get any real output to the servo. I have supplied it with 5v power and currently have RC_MAP_AUX1 set to Channel 5. And I have the servo signal wire connected to pin 5 on the output 5 on “main out” (px4 flight controller.
im using airframe “generic quadcopter” (4001).

can anyone point me what im doing wrong please :slight_smile:

I’m aware this is always a bit tricky.

With the latest to be released version, the actuator configuration has improved quite a bit.

So, you could try flash latest beta and then go to the QGC actuators tab to set it up.

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thanks julian
is there any link to that beta version or it hasn’t been release ?

When you flash in QGC, you should be able to select beta. Can you try that?

Hi Julian,
thanks for the respond .
when im trying to load beta it only give me the option v1.13.0-rc

Oh ok, so that’s confusing given we should have a v1.14 beta.

In that case, for now, you would have to build yourself from main.