Plane Retractable Landing Gear in Manual and Auto.. How?

fixed wing norrmal plane
cuav v5,v5+
px4 1.9.2
QGC latest
“airframe reference” in docs says “main 6” is “gear channel”… so i plug in my RC Tx gear channel (7) to Main6 out, set “gear channel” param to rc channel 7, manual mode, but no response.
Actually, i get some kind of response when i activate the passthru aux1 channel - both my aux1 servo AND the ‘gear’ servo activate. huh?
i do not have any “mixers”. just default setup … seems like the docs say main6 is already mixed to gear.
i need the retracts to work in both manual and auto/mission modes. also, i found no docs discussing when the retracts would retract or extend. of course this means no param/config exists.
i saw some past discussion, but seemed to lead to silence.

Which airframe config have you selected? And do you know which mixer that uses?

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heh heh. caps are too hard ;>/
Plane: standard plane … Lorenz Meier maintainer.
from the 1.9.0 docs “Airframes Reference”
notice the “MAIN6: gear” line.
…looky there- caps

I am not using any kind of “developer” setup - just user. Can i still affect mixers? If so, where can i find the documentation for instruction?
for instance, I cannot find any folder with this name on the SD card in my Flight Controller…(this is from the developer documentation…i think).

PX4 Mixer Definitions

Files in ROMFS/px4fmu_common/mixers implement mixers that are used for predefined airframes. They can be used as a basis for customisation, or for general testing purposes.

sheesh. ok…just found this… So i dont have any of these folders on my SD card either, but i will try to create and see what happens (unless someone with knowlege stops me before i destroy something accidentally)

Too bad. Helping you is too hard for me.

OK, so my ‘research’ has discovered that, although there appears to be discussions about this topic in the past, nothing is incorporated into the FW programming that operates the gear automatically on TO or landing.
(at this time) the documentation for the airframe lists a “gear” channel at channel 6, but this is merely an echo of AUX1 and will only operate as such. meaning AUX1 and MAIN6 will have duplicate PWM outputs. I have not attempted to test this in flight but, on the ground, manual operation DOES NOT WORK connecting gear to MAIN6 and setting the param “RC_MAP_GEAR_SW” to any RC channel. Getting gear to work required the RC Tx gear channel (switch) to be assigned to AUX1. i am assuming, because of this and reading previous posts about having no luck getting auto-gear to work, that there is NO AUTO GEAR CONTROL. its all manual.
really not sure why this hasnt been resolved by now. seems rather simple? if i can be of help, let me know.