Change df13 connectors

Hi, i´m tired to work with df13 connectors. I´m thinking on try to change, for example; gps2, usb, telem1 and telem2 inputs, to a usb port. I´m new on the uav world, can someone more experimented share your opinion about it with me?

Telemetry can work without RTS CTS so you only hace to use 4 pins, not?

And, in case you want to use the six pins, why the df13? why not a mini din for example?

Please, show me the errors i´m probably making

usb socket has 4 wires, telem1 has 6, so physically you can not do that.

yep, but groung module use usb, so you can use a ground module like air module not? Anyway, it´s not the first time i have to conect the air module to the usb computer and i could configure it perfectly

Look into JST-GH connectors. They are awesome. Many in the open source avionics world are switching from df13 to JST-GH series.

JST GH 6P SMT 1 piece $0.59
JST GH 6P Housing 1 piece $0.17
JST GH Pin 1 piece $0.11~$0.35
If you have to have a LOCKING connector this appears to be a good fit. I have been using Molex PicoBlade and they work well other than the removal and insertion force required but once they are seated they are good.

I do like the socket, it has metal on two sides that make the GH part have more contact area compared to DF13 or PicoBlade.

mmmmh… okay

Another thing, what is the use of the can1 and can2 connectors?

JST GH is the way to go, all parts and even prefabbed 6 inch jumpers are available via Digikey