Serious JST-GH wire problem

Hey everyone. While working on a drone to connect to Luci, we discovered a potentially big issue with many of the jst-GH wires available for purchase. The wires we purchased from one vendor ( seem to be correct to the standard (using this as reference: where pin 1 is supposed to be +V

But when we purchased these ones here: The wires were backwards in the connector and DF13 connector was not switched on their conversion cables, which connected +V to GND of the device and caused our stuff to have reverse polarity.

These also appear to follow the wrong wiring: (the DF13 side being correct to the old devices) as well as their FMU’s seem to be based on the wrong wiring. This is also documented, with pictures of the wrong cables here: Archived Topic: PXFmini Wiring Quick Start — Copter documentation

To make sure we weren’t taking crazy pills, screwed up, and made Luci backwards to everyone else, we double checked with the Pixracer pictures and cables:

And they all seem to have the “Good” cables.

I just checked and you are right about the right pinout:

Taking care of it here. Seems like people are committed to resolve this:

Just to let you know we are currently working to get new correct cables as per the dronecode standard as ours are all inverted, so if you want to send us an email with your order number we will also swap your cables for the correct ones.

I will update this post once we are done, but it should be with a week.

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