How do I connect this Telemetry kit to my Pixhawk 4?

I ordered a telemetry kit and it came with cables that seem incompatible with my Pixhawk 4 (JST-GH). Here are some pics:

IMG_7283 IMG_7284

The TELEM1 port connector on my Pixhawk is JST-GH. The stranger thing is that even the provided cables don’t seem to comfortably plug into the radio modules. I am afraid that I might break the pins if I push it in too hard.

What’s the easiest solution?

Aliexpress Droneblock.

All kinds of connectors (1.0, 1.25, 1.5, DF13, 2.54, Pix2, DF13…) and solid pre-crimped silicone cables in different lengths and ending combinations. For JST-GH I think you need Pix2; telemetry 1.25.

Excellent service.

All cheap. Order many, follow consistent cable colors, and triple check pinouts.

Buy a new cable.

Tried it. For some reason, the DF13 isn’t connecting properly either!

It turns out that it might be the JST-SH 1.0 connector that’s needed :frowning: