JST GH Extension Cable

I’m trying to connect to the Telem 2 port on a PixHawk 2.1 cube. The flight controller is under a molded plastic shroud that I can’t remove very easily, but there is a standard 6-pin JST GH connector cable plugged into Telem 2 and routed out the side of the plastic shroud. So, instead of having access to the standard female port directly on the board I have access to a male connector at the end of this cable. Does anyone know if there are cables with FEMALE 6-pin JST GH connectors on them? Perhaps an extension cable that has a female on one end and male on the other? It seems like all of the JST cables you can buy only have male connectors. I understand this is an odd requirement since the female connector is intended to be a header on a board, but it would be really helpful if someone knew of an extender cable or something that had a female connector on it. I’m making a custom cable with SBUS connectors on the other end, so I can really use anything with the female connector on it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for, except this is an extension for a JST XH. I’m looking for the same thing for JST GH.

I am not an EE but they do not make cables like that for the GH series connectors. They are either female connectors (like the one you have, yes it’s female) that connects to a male header to solder onto a PCB. See: https://www.digikey.com/catalog/en/partgroup/gh-series/8397

I am in a similar situation as I am experimenting with UAVCAN that uses 4-pin GH 1.25 connectors on each end and they are not long enough for my vehicle build.

My suggestion is to save yourself time and just splice some wire to extend it. Do a search for ‘lineman splice’ or ‘western union splice’ on how to do this.

Thanks for the info. Yeah I suppose that is the female connector. I always get that backwards.

Unfortunately, splicing and extending won’t really help in my situation because I want to be able to swap in a couple different devices I’m testing that have different headers on them. One has a male 6-pin JST GH (so the current cable plugs directly into it). My other device has 3-pin SBUS headers, so I need to make an adapter cable that is male 6-pin JST to two 3-pin SBUS.

I ordered a couple different headers like this one the other day. I’m hoping I can solder wires onto the back of it without too much trouble. Probably will hot glue and heat shrink around the connections to give it some strength.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Try mRo -https://mrobotics.io/