Can't find parameter

Hello community

I was wondering why I can’t find [COM_MOT_TEST_EN] in parameter list ?
I have the latest firmware version, currently the 1.10.1 installed on pixhawkmini.

Thanks a lot for all your support :slight_smile:

Odd. Can you share a screenshot where you’re looking for the param and what it looks like?


for sure, have a look :

any idea ?

my board run FMUv3 firmware as seen on flight review of my last log (I was wondering if it was FMUv2, in that case it could be the reason why I’m not to be able to find all parameters)

I should be able to see all existing parameters unless the one I’m looking for depend on another, but I can’t find which one.

Oh, I see the problem.

motor_test is not built for fmu-v2:

Can you try to update the bootloader as explained here to see if you can flash v3 which includes more things?

Hello homonym :slight_smile:

As you can see in the screenshot of my last log in the previous message, I already update the bootloader from v2 to v3, thanks to the same doc shared in your link.

Hardware : PX4_FMU_V3 (V2M)

I’m a beginner so the following question might be naive, but updating from v2 to v3 could fix some problems but not all of them ? the (V2M) after FMU_V3 would mean that is not full V3 ?

I’m afraid I’ll have to buy a more recent hardware if I can’t solve this matter.
Thanks for your time :wink:

Hm, I it looks like V2M means V2MINI but it should include all modules for v3, I think.

@bkueng what could be the reason for this param being missing?

It’s not in 1.10.1 yet, you need master

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ok thank you, problem solved