Calibration Accelerometer - Failed DeltaQuad

Hi everyone,
I am trying to do the calibration of the DeltaQuad sensors, in which I have a failed calibration in the gyroscope:
It is in this part where the following message appears: Calibration failed.

It does not let me continue with the following calibrations, is it advisable to remove the NORA and do the calibration through the USB connection to the PC, as shown in the following video?

Personally, on a new setup, this is what I do:

  • I attach the GPS with a foam double sided in the orientation it will end up in with the FC
  • Have a small box on a level desk.
  • Connect the USB to PC and calibrate on on the box. This way, when you lay it on the side where the cable is connected, you lay it on the edge to clear the cable.
  • I will then connect all of the components to it and do a preliminary configuration on the bench to confirm all of them are communicating correctly.
  • I do “old school” calibration of the ESC directly connected to the Rx before connecting to the FC.
  • With all components connected, including motors (no props), I’ll arm and check all functions.
  • When all checks out, I’ll then install it in the aircraft.

my two cents worth… Good luck.

Gracias Rollys, intentaré con ello