Binding Issue (Fr Sky X9D and X8R)

I have a Taranis X9D *no XJT module in back compartment (2014), and a new X8R receiver. Ive have the latest firmware and SD card content on the X9D (opentx-x9d, 2.3.15-otx (1004ef7c), 2022-04-22, and the reciever has stock firmware. The only thing i see different in the vids to bind is my TX says XJT D16 rather than just D16 in the internal RF settings. Ive down loaded the newest firmware for the X8R (accst D16 v2.1.0, 2020-03-24) but am unsure that’s the problem, plus how to flash it im unsure of as well. there seems to be 2 versions of TX and RX protocol available, one for US and one for UK, although ive been unable to find those different versions, but it seems the versions need to match in some way. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

By the way This fixed it for anyone having the same issue. *see link. I just needed to update the TX RF internal module firmware and it bound to my RX X8R. Simple YEA ! Thanks !