Pixhawk installation and x8r receiver

Hello everyone, I am harmful and I am trying to mount a drone with PIXHAWK flight card and x8r receiver. Do you know if it is necessary to interpose a ppm decoder, or I can just connect the plug to 3 pins on rc and sbus? The drone (4 motor) will be used for simple flight and may be scheduled flight. thank you

Simply connect your SBUS to the input DCM/SBUS RC of your pixhawk

Thank you for your reply. I just got a new x8r (the older is die) and it works. But I can’t binder with my x9d lite. The receiver is in EU version and the radio control in FCC. I think the problem comes from there (if there is only one problem). Do you know if I should flash the radio control or the x8r?

Good day, if you are in EU better you flash also the radio with Eu firmware, aside that you can flash the fcc version of the firmware to your x8r so using it with the same firmware of your rsdio

Thank you so much. So the r8x is in place but impossible to bind. I flashed the receiver with the Smartport on the remote control (because the new receiver was in the EU and my radio control in FCC) but I still have the red and green LEDs that stay on. I think I did something wrong. I also looked at lots of tutorials and forums and tried lots of manipulations but nothing works. Do you have an idea of ​​the procedure? cordially

During the bind process are you keep press the small switch on the receiver?

Hello and thank you for your time, yes I press the button and the two LEDs remain fixed. This morning I passed the receiver in the EU and not had the same for the radio control (EU, not EU, EU lbt) but always the same. It is not my habit but I think to abandon the project because I am blocked for a simple bind …

just try check the firmware version of the radio and of the x8r…just look in frsky website.
Did you check the wiring in your fc?

I can control the version of the radio control which is in FCC but for the receiver, it is impossible for me to check the version, but the boots that I made are displayed “success”. Currently the receiver is supposed to be in “no EU” after this boot. The wiring of the FC is the same as with my old R8x (which I had managed to binder simply, but this one came from China). The only difference with my old wiring is that I had put "the ppm encoder "but it burned out (smell and smoke), and the receiver too. I ask myself the question: is the ppm encoder really useless (when it is properly installed)? Also, with the radio control I tried to bind in ACCST 8,16 and ACCESS. well i will dig a little more because even while searching i find answers to other problems it is very instructive :grin:

If you are using sbus and setting the D16 mode on your taranis you don’t need use the ppm encoder… sbus is more fast and reliable,.
Which version of the firmware you flash in your x8r? can you provide also the firmware version of your taranis… i will look around

Hello David 84, I finally managed to bind. I can’t really bring any feedback because I wanted to try to flash the x8r one last time with the frsky software and it worked. However, I had already carried out this procedure. Thank you for your help. I am now attacking the gps which does not want to fix itself :wink: