[Bicopter Custom Configuration] Help and Support

Hi guys,

@Zhengtian_Ma and I have been trying out a Bicopter configuration with PX4, this is quite a offshoot from the original multicopter configurations. Short summary, we are using F405 (Omnibus F4 SD) setup with 2 servos and 2 motors, the arrangement of the UAV is as shown in the photos, however, we experience vibrations a short time after takeoff. We have tried to tune the position and attitude controller for roll and yaw. I know we need logs to back it up, but we do not have SD slot, so pardon us for it, however here is a link for the 2 videos that shows some form of resonance (I presume) but do help us to make this real! Thanks in advance guys!

Vidoes can be found (temporary) here
Thanks to @Zhengtian_Ma
Custom airframe file can be found here
Custom mixer file can be found here

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