Anafi Thermal-Radio Setup

I’m trying to control an Anafi thermal using QGC. I’m properly connecting to the drone via wifi, and would like to do Mission planning. However I cannot setup the Radio, my remote seems to be not recognized, so I cannot calibrate it… I have no idea how to do it and/or what I’m missing. Any help, feedbacks or comments are more than welcome.

As a complement, I’m adding. Connected to the drone with wifi. I used the android version (I thought maybe it would work better than the pc version for connecting to the remote). My phone, under android is connected physically to the remote control (usb). The drone is an anafi thermal/rgb.
I cannot calibrate the radio:
“Parameters are missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QCG does not work correctly with or firmware has a bug in it. Missing params:
1: RC_MAP_PARAM1, 1: RC_PARAM2 […], 1: RC3_TRIM […]1:RC18_REV.” En enclosed 2 pics.
I really don’t know how to tackle this issue…

Any help would be greatly welcome.

Thank you in advance

still trying to figure out how to use qgc with a anafi, I tried with a normal anafi RGB as well… cannot calibrate the radio. I just don’t understand how the RC is supposed to be connected to qgc… I obtain the pics I uploaded on my former post.
Any help, feedback would be greatly appreciateda

Updating on the Parrot QGC link. I think the main issue is the link between the skycontroller (RC) to the QGC app, for some reason, the skycontroller 3 from parrot does not comunicate with the phone or computer in physical connection (USB). Is there any firmware update to apply on the skycontroller3 to be able to communicate through USB. The FreeFlight App from Parrot does it, so it is possible.
Any comments, help and feedbacks would be greatly appreciated

Coming back to this issue,
Still cannot find a way to connect the radio to the remote. Does any of you succeeded to pilot parrot drone using QGC ? If yes, how do you deal with connecting the PC/phone to the remote ?

I was probably not clear enough.
I am able to connect the Anafi or other Parrot drone from the computer through Wifi. I get the video signal and the infos on the drone. However I cannot calibrate the radio, and I have no clue on how to connect to it. From what I understand the skycontroller has its usb port close, but not the USB-C, so I should be able to connect to it from it. Does any of you tried to do so, of succeeded to fly a recent parrot drone with QGC ? Any help would be more than warmly welcome…

Did you figure this out? I just tried QGC and it worked fine despite the errors you mention above, although I had to use the controller buttons to take off and land - it did not respond when chosing take off from the PC. The controller works as a remote through the PC’s WiFi.